Raising Kathina Fund for SBS

I was most delighted when GBG (Genting Buddhist Group) invited Venerable Aggacitta, the chief abbot of SBS (Sasanarakkha Buddhist Sanctuary) to give us 2 sessions of dharma talk here. Although I was working midnight shifts during this period of time, yet there is no reason to miss out the events.

It was years back since few of us from PBUM (Buddhist Society of University Malaya) paid a visit to SBS after a 7- days buddhist camp in Taiping. Subsequently, it was then the last time I met bhante. Now, in front of us, Ven. Aggacitta looks great in his robe, perfectly healthy, compassionate, wise and full of virtue. He talked about the 'working' of Karma and shared on various methods to practice meditation. For 2 days and he conveyed one sole important message: Be mindful, and practice it every second in daily life. It was such a blissful session, and of course, joyful moments too as most of us were fascinated by the stories and personal experiences shared by Bhante.

Before I left for work, GBG president Mr Tay passed me a receipt book. In fact, GBG is offering help to collect contributions for SBS Kathina fund. Generally, Kathina is a ceremony held after vassa where lay Buddhists offer robes and other requisites to monks. Hence, the contributions will be used to defray expenses during the vassa and Kathina day. Any excess collected will be used for supporting the SBS monastics and for the general maintenance of the sanctuary.

Fellow friends, please support!

Know more about bhante:


Know more about SBS: http://www.sasanarakkha.org/about.html

Ven Aggacitta giving dharma talk at GBG.

Venerable again...

We took a photo in Sima Hall, during our visit to SBS. Em... looks young at that time :)